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Technology Pakistan



Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Powerfull Tanks

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Powerfull Tanks
Powerfull Tanks

Powerfull tanks are also included in the technologies of Pakistan because its are 

also make in Pakistan The forces of Pakistan found the inteligent students and 

the they made them good enginers then these enginers make good technology 

for thier country the tanks are also made by these enginers therefor these 

tanks are strong.

Quaility Of Tanks Quaility

Quaility of tanks is very good they have high protactive cover its walls are  

strong the bullets can not penetrate the walls if tanks because its walls are 

made if bullet proof material its firing power are also so high and its bombing 

power is also good it lockes thier target from many far distance  there for its  

quaility is very good. 

Speed Of Tanks
 we know that the speed of the tanks is very slow beacuse its have heavy 

weights on it and wheels are also not used in tanks therfore its speed is slow its 

speed is also slow due to the most power is used in firing and bombing in 

movement it used less power therefor its speed is slow but its firing speed is 

very good also the bombing speed. 

Air Jets

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Air Jets
Air Jets

Air jets of Pakistan is very strong and powerfull these are made in Pakistan by 

the Enginers of Pakistan they made the air jets which are usd in the war ythe 

Pakistan have best quaility air jets which are used to destroy the aniomes air 

jets the air jets are also solded to the other countries for thier protection and 


Power of Air Jets

According to the power these jets have awosome perfomance these have good 

firing powr and bombing power and these are powerfull engines which made it 

best in the jets of Pakistan the carosine oil is used which are the high octane oil 

which are so expensive it provide alot of power to the jets because these oil 

have high octane number.

Speed Of Jets

speed of jets is the main point that jets can perform batter or nt th speed if the 

which are made by Pakistan is very high due to the powerfull engine the firing 

and bombing speed of these jets are also very goo they not take more time to 

fly and land the reason of high speed is also is useing pf carosine oil this is 

powerfull oil which give alot of energy to work.

Defence Technology

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Defence Technology
Defence Technology

Defence technology of Pakistan is very strong they use thier most of money on 

the defence they have lattest tecnology which have great power and speed 

which are made by Pakistani engeniers or they bought it from other powerfull 

countries the defence power of Pakistan is very strong due to they dont 

comperomise on thier rights.

Point Of View Of Other Countries

According to the point of view of other countries they said we are also 

considered that the defence power of pakistan is very high they have latest 


use Pakistan is the Atoic country thier forcrs are famous in the world due to 

thier power and Techniques other countries know about the technology of 


Names Of Technology

In the defence Pakistan make alot of technology for examples they made war 

jets which are very powerfull and have high speed they have drones which are 

used to locate the targets they have tanks which are most powerfull and 

secured  they have alot of powerfull technologies which are very usefull and 


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Number of Technologies

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Number  of Technologies
Number of Technologies

There are alot of technologies present in Pakistan it make alot of technology for 

thier defence and to protect there self from thier enemy they make technology 

to protect thier self from the world and the also sell thier products to other 

countries because ther work is so bautifull nd good and the quaity of product is 

also good.

Common Technology

Pakistani students and the technologiest also make some ussual technologies for 
thier nation thi is also are very usefull and good working products these 

technology are also send to the foriegn countries these products work quailty is 

so good therefore alot of poples in pakistan and other countries are using it and 

apperciating the technologist who made it.

Travelling Technology

Pakistani technologit also work to improve trevlling free of problems they make 

luxery cars bikes buses etc for the people who trevell to long period there fore 

they make thede to mak our trevlling easy and smoth pakistani trevling things 

are used in other countries like bikes etc the bicycles of Pakistan is famous in 


Saturday, July 11, 2020

Technology In Pakistan

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Technology In Pakistan
Technology In Pakistan

There are many types of technologies presnt in the Pakistan. the pakistan have 

the intelegent students and scientist whch do thier practials and give the lattest 

technologies to thier nation Pakistan scientist is the famous scientist in the 


they work hard and serve thier country and nation with full honest and make 

proud to us in the world.

Pakistani People Point of View

Pakistani peoples point of view about the technology is so strange because the 

peoples of pakisan is uneducated so some of peoples think that is not good for 

us we have to use our body to work because i could make us active and smart 

and healthy but they dont know some of our important work we can not 

complete without the help of technology.

Educated People Point of View

Educated people of Pakistan think that technology is very usefull for us it work 

very perfectly which  human does not do thier work perfectly like the 


do for example we cut the plants with the hand and also with the machine but 

we dont cut perfectly in the same length and the quaintity but the machine do 

thier work perfectly.

Types Of Technology

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Types Of Technology
Types Of Technology
There are alot of technologies present in our beloved country Pakistan which are 
used almost in Pakistan and almost in the world which play an important role in 

our life it makes our life easy and faster it help us to dont to consume our 

important time and our energy we save our energy  and we use it in our other 

daily works.

What Is Technology

Technolgy is the combination of two words  Tech and knowledge tech is a type 


data which are new are old which are usefull for our daily life these make us 


life easy and usefull  which do our work without any problem which we want  to 

do and we did not this without the help of technology for examplw we have to 

draw money we use ATM machine.

Name Of Technologies We Use

We are surrounded with the alot of technologies we see any where we saw the 

many of technologies we use for example if we are sitting in our room if we 

rootate our sight to the room we see first of all television , Ac,computers Mobile 

phines etc these ae all the technologies we use for our work and we are 

spending our life easily with the help of Technologies.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Technologies Of Pakistan

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Technologies Of Pakistan
Technologies Of Pakistan 

Pakistan have alot of technologies which are using in the many fields of our life 

which are used at diffrent areas at many scale of our life and the many parts  it 

make our life easy and peacefull the technology which are introdused by 

pakistan is very usefull and longlasting it runs for long time  and give us good 


Types Of Technology

There are many types of Technologies present in Pakistan which ar usefull for us

like sim technology 4G internet technologies 3G internet Technology  internet 

technology radio technology television technology Gaming Technology wireless 

technology comunication Technology etc number of more technologies are 

working in Pakistan.

Who It Work

Technology work step by step and perform thier functions perfectly with out any 

problem and causing an error in our work  it work very hardly and provide thier 

good quailty in the overall country and the every person are happy with the 

perfomance of the technology which are using are made in our Pakistan.