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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Air Jets

Air Jets

Air jets of Pakistan is very strong and powerfull these are made in Pakistan by 

the Enginers of Pakistan they made the air jets which are usd in the war ythe 

Pakistan have best quaility air jets which are used to destroy the aniomes air 

jets the air jets are also solded to the other countries for thier protection and 


Power of Air Jets

According to the power these jets have awosome perfomance these have good 

firing powr and bombing power and these are powerfull engines which made it 

best in the jets of Pakistan the carosine oil is used which are the high octane oil 

which are so expensive it provide alot of power to the jets because these oil 

have high octane number.

Speed Of Jets

speed of jets is the main point that jets can perform batter or nt th speed if the 

which are made by Pakistan is very high due to the powerfull engine the firing 

and bombing speed of these jets are also very goo they not take more time to 

fly and land the reason of high speed is also is useing pf carosine oil this is 

powerfull oil which give alot of energy to work.

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