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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Defence Technology

Defence Technology

Defence technology of Pakistan is very strong they use thier most of money on 

the defence they have lattest tecnology which have great power and speed 

which are made by Pakistani engeniers or they bought it from other powerfull 

countries the defence power of Pakistan is very strong due to they dont 

comperomise on thier rights.

Point Of View Of Other Countries

According to the point of view of other countries they said we are also 

considered that the defence power of pakistan is very high they have latest 


use Pakistan is the Atoic country thier forcrs are famous in the world due to 

thier power and Techniques other countries know about the technology of 


Names Of Technology

In the defence Pakistan make alot of technology for examples they made war 

jets which are very powerfull and have high speed they have drones which are 

used to locate the targets they have tanks which are most powerfull and 

secured  they have alot of powerfull technologies which are very usefull and 


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