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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Powerfull Tanks

Powerfull Tanks

Powerfull tanks are also included in the technologies of Pakistan because its are 

also make in Pakistan The forces of Pakistan found the inteligent students and 

the they made them good enginers then these enginers make good technology 

for thier country the tanks are also made by these enginers therefor these 

tanks are strong.

Quaility Of Tanks Quaility

Quaility of tanks is very good they have high protactive cover its walls are  

strong the bullets can not penetrate the walls if tanks because its walls are 

made if bullet proof material its firing power are also so high and its bombing 

power is also good it lockes thier target from many far distance  there for its  

quaility is very good. 

Speed Of Tanks
 we know that the speed of the tanks is very slow beacuse its have heavy 

weights on it and wheels are also not used in tanks therfore its speed is slow its 

speed is also slow due to the most power is used in firing and bombing in 

movement it used less power therefor its speed is slow but its firing speed is 

very good also the bombing speed. 

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