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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Technology In Pakistan

Technology In Pakistan

There are many types of technologies presnt in the Pakistan. the pakistan have 

the intelegent students and scientist whch do thier practials and give the lattest 

technologies to thier nation Pakistan scientist is the famous scientist in the 


they work hard and serve thier country and nation with full honest and make 

proud to us in the world.

Pakistani People Point of View

Pakistani peoples point of view about the technology is so strange because the 

peoples of pakisan is uneducated so some of peoples think that is not good for 

us we have to use our body to work because i could make us active and smart 

and healthy but they dont know some of our important work we can not 

complete without the help of technology.

Educated People Point of View

Educated people of Pakistan think that technology is very usefull for us it work 

very perfectly which  human does not do thier work perfectly like the 


do for example we cut the plants with the hand and also with the machine but 

we dont cut perfectly in the same length and the quaintity but the machine do 

thier work perfectly.

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