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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Number of Technologies

Number of Technologies

There are alot of technologies present in Pakistan it make alot of technology for 

thier defence and to protect there self from thier enemy they make technology 

to protect thier self from the world and the also sell thier products to other 

countries because ther work is so bautifull nd good and the quaity of product is 

also good.

Common Technology

Pakistani students and the technologiest also make some ussual technologies for 
thier nation thi is also are very usefull and good working products these 

technology are also send to the foriegn countries these products work quailty is 

so good therefore alot of poples in pakistan and other countries are using it and 

apperciating the technologist who made it.

Travelling Technology

Pakistani technologit also work to improve trevlling free of problems they make 

luxery cars bikes buses etc for the people who trevell to long period there fore 

they make thede to mak our trevlling easy and smoth pakistani trevling things 

are used in other countries like bikes etc the bicycles of Pakistan is famous in 


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