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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Types Of Technology

Types Of Technology
There are alot of technologies present in our beloved country Pakistan which are 
used almost in Pakistan and almost in the world which play an important role in 

our life it makes our life easy and faster it help us to dont to consume our 

important time and our energy we save our energy  and we use it in our other 

daily works.

What Is Technology

Technolgy is the combination of two words  Tech and knowledge tech is a type 


data which are new are old which are usefull for our daily life these make us 


life easy and usefull  which do our work without any problem which we want  to 

do and we did not this without the help of technology for examplw we have to 

draw money we use ATM machine.

Name Of Technologies We Use

We are surrounded with the alot of technologies we see any where we saw the 

many of technologies we use for example if we are sitting in our room if we 

rootate our sight to the room we see first of all television , Ac,computers Mobile 

phines etc these ae all the technologies we use for our work and we are 

spending our life easily with the help of Technologies.

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